Our Projects

Shed in a bag or a box

‘Shed in a Bag’ was launched in March 2020 as a rapid response to the Covid 19 pandemic.  Our doors had to close but we didn’t want to leave our beneficiaries unsupported.  As they couldn’t come to us, we would go to them.  We, therefore, delivered bags that included brain games, funny stories, poems, or jokes to lighten the mood. In the first bag, shedders received a set of watercolors and colouring pencils, and each week they had pictures to complete using their preferred medium, as well as other craft activities.

The Octopus Foundation Shed in a Bag or a Box Project

We also distributed books from our ‘shed library' and as time went on we expanded from craft activities to planting and baking. Planting encouraged longer-term interest in waiting for and watching something grow, and baking not only increased diversity but developed new skills as well as the additional benefits of home-baked bread and cakes! We also developed 'Bird Box Kits' as an adaptation of an activity the shedders would normally enjoy when attending the Shed. Needless to say that we also delivered healthy and sweet treats. Our shedders love their biscuits!

At the start of the current lockdown, we developed and delivered ‘Shed in a Box’.  Instead of delivering items on a regular basis and to conform with reducing unnecessary journeys, we instead compiled a larger quantity of goodies to keep those fingers and minds busy as and when wanted or needed.  Again, tea, coffee, and biscuits were included for the full shed experience!

Telephone and email support have also been available throughout lockdowns in an attempt to reduce feelings of isolation and maintain focus on the return of the Shed as soon as we are able to open it.

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